Monday, July 13, 2009

Wire in the Wilderness update

The wire in the wilderness was a success!! I had a great day with the 2009 Camp Egret kids from Adkins Arboretum. We started off the day making beaded spiders. The kids were totally focused on choosing the "right" beads for their creations. After about an hour we had 8 ferrousious spiders marching across the tabletop.

After a break for lunch, we wire wrapped some polished stones and strung them on leather cords. The kids chose their stones carefully, picked just the right colored wire, and got busy with their tools. We worked with basic wire wrapping techniques and caged their treasures. They were so proud! I know one lucky mom who is getting an extra special birthday present this year.

Finally, the Egrets tried their hand at Viking weaving wire. It is a bit tricky to get started, so my sister and I set them up with dowels that had the rough beginning done. One camper finished a bracelet, and three others managed to weave enough for key chains...the coolest one incorporated the spider they finished earlier in the day.

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