Friday, July 3, 2009


Welcome to Feeling Ferrousious!
Are you feeling it?
I finally have a blog!!!!! I know, I know, the geek in me is rattling it's cage again...and I should have had one of these waaaay before now. My only excuse...I was too busy setting up my wiki and my moodle. Anyway, as a teacher I get so busy during the school year that it is hard to find time for jewelry, let alone creating a witty and urbane blog. However, the time is now...still not sure about the witty and urbane thing. I want this blog to be a place where I showcase my jewelry and that of my friends. I'll be featuring some of my favorite fellow etsians and artists each month and interviewing them so that you can get a good feeling for how each creates in their own place. Once school starts again, I'll be featuring some of my Art Club student's creations...hopefully, some items will be available for purchase to support the Palmerton High School Art Club. We'll also have some student guest bloggers talking about the ferrousious things we're accomplishing in Art Club. So for now, it will be all me all the time...hopefully, not for too long. Ciao!